Welcome PMR

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is a medical specialty
dedicated to the diagnosis and medical management of the consequences
of disease, injury and congenital disorders. Physical Medicine and
Rehabilitation also is referred to as “physiatry” (pronounced fizzy-at-ree).

Our goal is to help every individual maximize functional
performance and achieve independence and community integration. Our
methods involve an interdisciplinary team that works to increase
function, decrease pain and disability, and maximize performance at
work, in school, during recreation and in all other areas of life.

The University of Michigan Health System was among the first
major institutions in the nation to organize and develop an independent
Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. The department was
established in 1950 by James W. Rae, M.D., who saw a need for
hospital-based research and education related to people with
disabilities. The Department now has more than 50 faculty, including 30
physiatrists. There are an additional 20 faculty members who have
Ph.D.s in rehabilitation psychology, engineering and basic sciences.
The Department also employs more than 450 allied health professionals,
including physical therapists, occupational therapists, recreational
therapists, rehabilitation engineers, orthotists, prosthetists, nurses,
trainees and other support staff.

The Department is nationally and regionally recognized as a
leader in advancing the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation
and the subspecialties of pediatric rehabilitation, pain management and
spinal cord injury medicine. The Department’s physicians, psychologists
and engineers have received national and international recognition for
excellence in spinal cord injury medicine, neck and back pain, chronic
pain, amputation care, brachial plexopathy, traumatic brain injury
management, pediatric disabilities, musculoskeletal problems,
neurological problems, electrodiagnosis, rehabilitation engineering,
orthotics and prosthetics, sports injury and other a myriad of other
problems related to disability. Our excellence extends to the way we
provide clinical care, train future health care professionals, and
conduct research into the greater understanding of and new treatments
to aid disabled individuals.

PM&R care is provided in inpatient settings and multiple
outpatient facilities settings within the University of Michigan
Health System.