Adaptive Collaborative Strategies for Evaluating Students’ Strengths Project

The ACSESS Project has developed a model in which assistive technology is incorporated into traditional methods of intelligence, academic, and psychological testing to create individualized, adapted testing procedures for children with severe physical and communicative impairments. The results of this model are intended to provide parents and educators with a more accurate and well-rounded profile of the child’s abilities that generate appropriate supports in their school, home, and community settings.

The outcome of the assessments from the ACSESS Project successfully provided families and educators with tools that were useful in planning for the child’s overall educational and personal needs.  Additionally, the outcomes of these assessments offered a collaborative and productive setting for both parents and educators.

The ACSESS Project was funded by the
U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services.
Model Demonstration Project Grant #H324M020077.

Principal Investigator: Seth Warschausky, Ph.D.