Assessment in the UMHS Assistive Technology for Cognition Program typically includes interviews and evaluations by each of the following team members.

The Occupational Therapist assesses sensorimotor integrity, vision, perception, and performance of various functional activities that have been identified as being of central concern by the referred person and the network of caretakers.

The Speech and Language Pathologist assesses integrity of language and cognitive abilities, with particular emphasis on the ability to learn and maintain the use of assistive devices recommended by the assessment team.

The Rehabilitation Neuropsychologist reviews personal history, cognitive and functional changes, and the impact of these changes on mood, behavior and adjustment to disability. Formal neuropsychological testing may be recommended.

Additional team members, such as a physiatrist, rehabilitation engineer, social worker, vocational rehabilitation counselor or school teacher may also join the assessment team, if the referred person's circumstances suggest the need for these disciplines.

All members of the treatment team work together to develop the specialized ATC interventions required, or modifications to commercially available devices. Team members will also recommend any therapy necessary to support the ATC plan or training required to learn the use of recommended ATC devices.