Adult Outpatient Pain Clinic | Multidisciplinary Spine Treatment (MST) Program

Outpatient Services by Rehabilitation Psychology and Neuropsychology

Many people live with disabling medical conditions that affect their day to day lives. While they build their routines and struggle with limitations, they may benefit from psychological services. These services help them learn to live with disability but not be dominated by it. 

Each situation, person and family is different. The Rehabilitation Psychologist aims to learn about YOU. With input about your values and goals, a treatment plan is developed and modified over time:

  • Psychotherapy may include practical information, and assistance in communicating with your physician and other healthcare providers.
  • It may include regular review of your mood and daily functioning, and events within your home and family that affect you. 
  • A review of your history helps reveal your current strengths, and may reveal attitudes that help or hinder your current coping. 
  • A focus on health-related behaviors may reveal ways to enhance your health and survival with fewer medical complications.
  • Family members are a welcomed part of this process, if you desire.

Above all, the Rehabilitation Psychologist provides an accepting environment and aims to help you become more of the person you want to be. 

Services in Rehabilitation Psychology are coordinated with Neuropsychological assessment services on an as-needed basis.