Traditional neuropsychological testing requires the handling of objects, use of paper and pencil, pointing to pictures/words and answering questions. While we are commonly able to accommodate children with speech and language and/or hearing difficulties in our standard testing clinic, some children and young adults have unique testing needs due to severe motor and/or speech-language difficulties and we are happy to serve these patients in the Michigan Adapted Cognitive Assessment Clinic (MACAC). This specialty clinic is the only known dedicated clinic of its kind and patients have traveled from out of state to receive assessments in the MACAC. The clinic largely serves patients who are unable to readily point or provide verbal responses though other patients participate in MACAC testing when appropriate. Patients undergoing assessment in the MACAC ideally are seen for a 1-hour intake appointment where the doctor will assess choice-making skills, use of assistive technology (such as switch devices and augmentative communication) and ability to participate in computer based testing. The intake appointment will allow us to arrange an appropriate evaluation in the MCAC and maximize the efficiency of our appointment. Individuals seen in the MACAC are commonly diagnosed with severe cerebral palsy and brain injury though any patient requiring this specialized testing will be considered for evaluation regardless of diagnosis. For a brochure with common questions about the MACAC please click here. If you have additional questions about the MACAC please do not hesitate to contact our main clinic number.