Class of 2017

Nick Bomalaski, MD

Hometown:  San Antonio, Texas
Medical School:  University of Washington
PM&R Interests: Neurorehabilitation
Personal Interests: Travel, horticulture, painting
Favorite Place in Ann Arbor: arboretum, Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales
Why UM?  Large faculty with diverse specializations



Ray Cheng, MD

Hometown: Dallas, Texas
Medical School: UT-Southwestern Medical School
PM&R Interests: Musculoskeletal Ultrasound, Quality Improvement
Personal Interests: Basketball, music, food
Favorite Place in Ann Arbor: Argo Canoe Livery, the Arboretum
Why UM? It was the happiest place I interviewed and all the residents seemed to love it



Jason Leung, MD

Hometown: Fort Wayne, IN
Medical School: Boston University
PM&R Interests: General, Cancer, Pain
Personal Interests: Advocacy, Sports
Favorite Place in Ann Arbor: Arboretum
Why UM?:  Renowned Faculty, Research opportunities



Rebecca McConnell, DO

Hometown: Denton, MD
Medical School: West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine
PM&R Interests: MSK, spine, pain, research
Personal Interests: dancing, gardening, sewing
Favorite Place in Ann Arbor: Gallop Park
Why UM? A lot of university resources and mentorship support.



Jasmine Zheng, MD - Chief Resident
Hometown: Shanghai by way of Toledo, OH
Medical School: Georgetown University School of Medicine
PM&R Interests: General, Orthotics and Prosthetics, research
Personal Interests: Laughing, trying to learn to dance, running, art, travel, friends & family
Favorite Place in Ann Arbor: The Arb
Why UM? Diversity in PM&R subspecialties, breadth of resources available within the hospital system, great camaraderie amongst residents, friendly atmosphere


Jing Wang, MD - Chief Resident
Hometown: Troy, MI
Medical School: The Ohio State University
PM&R Interests: SCI
Personal Interests: Biking, Catching Pokemon, Netflix, Kickball
Favorite Place in Ann Arbor: Argo Park and the Huron river.
Why UM?  The residents are a close knit group that's always willing to help each other out and hanging out with each other outside of work. The residency offers exposure to a wide variety of PM&R topics and provides a good balance of in/out patient. The PDs have the resident's educational interests in mind and are always open to suggestions.


Class of 2018

Joel Castellanos, MD
Hometown: Toledo, Ohio
Medical School: University of Toledo
PM&R Interests: Neurorehabilitation, Pain diagnostics and treatment, Non-invasive Brain Stimulation,
Personal Interests: Dancing, Pickup Basketball, Softball, Woodworking
Favorite Places in Ann Arbor: Cultivate Tap and Brew House, Cafe Ollie
Why UM? Diverse patient population, amazing research resources, great teaching from intelligent and approachable attendings, and awesome group of active residents


Habib Fanny, MD
Hometown: Abidjan, Ivory Coast
Medical School: University of Iowa
PM&R Interests: Stroke, spasticity, EMG
Personal Interests: Chess, Tennis, French literature, board games.
Favorite Place in Ann Arbor: Bird Hills Nature Area: you have to check it out. It’s really gorgeous! 
Why UM? Great atmosphere, very dedicated and accessible attendings,
academically rigorous. Plus, you get to live in Ann Arbor!


Kendall Kent, MD
Hometown: Huntingtown, MD
Medical School: Boston University
PM&R Interests: Pediatric Rehabilitation, Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation
Personal Interests: Cooking & interior design. I love HGTV!
Favorite Place in Ann Arbor: Blue Tractor BBQ
Why UM? Our program is a tight knit community with people who
value learning & providing a diversity of experiences within PM&R


Leah Lukasik, MD
Hometown: Dearborn, MI
Medical School: University of Michigan Medical School
PM&R Interests: Sports Medicine, Spine/Pain
Personal Interests: Volleyball, basketball, reading
Favorite Place in Ann Arbor: Argo/Gallup Parks
Why UM? Great city to live in, great cost of living, family-friendly, many restaurants and activities to choose from downtown, resident comradery, teaching, patient population.



Christie McKinney, DO
Hometown: Grosse Ile, MI
Medical School: Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine
PM&R Interests: Pediatrics, Spine
Personal Interests: With a one-year old at home... splash parks, sesame street, and cheerios.  Before that... trying new restaurants, West Michigan beaches, and reality TV.
Favorite Place in Ann Arbor: Dominick's
Why UM? It has been a long-term goal to complete my PMR residency at UM. I was introduced to the PMR faculty here as an undergraduate student.  The attendings are amazing teachers and advisors. I love the variety you see at UM - whatever you might be interested in, we probably have a specialty clinic dedicated to just that! There is also a great camaraderie amongst the residents and that makes it really fun to come to work each day.


Shastin Shull, MD
Hometown: Dayton, OH
Medical School: Mayo Medical School, Rochester, MN
PM&R Interests: Spinal Cord Injury, Ultrasound, Musculoskeletal Medicine
Personal Interests: Travel, Missions/Volunteerism, Backpacking, Hiking, Sewing, Playing Piano and Violin
Favorite Place in Ann Arbor: Overlooking the Huron River
Why UM? So many opportunities to learn from excellent PM&R faculty, availability of all of theresources of the University for learning from other disciplines. Awesome research support.


Class of 2019

Trent Hall, DO
Hometown: Lancaster, Ohio
Medical School: Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine
PM&R Interests: Neurorehabilitation including stroke, spinal cord injury and traumatic brain injury medicine
Personal Interests: Playing guitar, photography, hiking
Favorite Place in Ann Arbor: Bird Hills Nature Area
Why UM? I chose University of Michigan PM&R because of its reputation of educational excellence, cutting edge research, global advocacy and compassionate patient care.



Steve Loh, DO
Hometown: Walnut, California
Medical School: Western University of Health Sciences
PM&R Interests: Sports Medicine and Pain
Personal Interests: Nutrition, Weightlifting, Bodybuilding, Reading, Writing
Favorite Place in Ann Arbor: All of it
Why UM? Reputation of being one of the top PM&R programs in the nation and well-rounded. Located in a vibrant city


Marianne Mousigian, MD
Hometown: Dearborn, MI
Medical School: Wayne State University School of Medicine
PM&R Interests: Pediatrics and sports medicine
Personal Interests: Distance running (marathons and half marathons), triathlons, hiking (especially in the mountains!), spending as much time outdoors as possible
Favorite Place in Ann Arbor: The Arb and Gallup Park
Why UM? Love the special culture of Ann Arbor, I am already a Wolverine at heart after attending U of M for undergrad, wanted to stay close to my family (all of whom are within the southeastern Michigan area), and the program has great opportunities for pediatric rehab training


Elisabeth Acker, DO

Hometown:  Troy, Michigan
Medical School:  Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine
PM&R Interests:  Prosthetics & Orthotics, Electrodiagnostics, Spinal Cord Injury, Brain Injury
Personal Interests:  Running marathons, being outdoors, traveling, going to concerts, baking, church
Favorite Place in Ann Arbor:  Dominick's - I love the open air!
Why UM?  I am amazed by the unique patient populations that the program has the opportunity to serve, and I am eager to be a part of a large program in a prominent University setting; I am also excited to be back at my alma mater!


Darin Scribner, DO
Hometown: Berkey, Ohio
Medical School: Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine
PM&R Interests: Pain, Musculoskeletal medicine, spine, sports medicine
Personal Interests: Working out, playing and watching sports, enjoying time with family and friends
Favorite Place: Any place downtown!
Why UM? Great learning atmosphere with tremendous faculty and staff. Superb residency program.



Cory Wernimont, MD
Hometown:  Appleton, WI
Medical School:  Wayne State University School of Medicine
PM&R Interests:  Pediatrics and Spinal Cord Injury
Personal Interests:  Basketball, Running, Coaching my two daughter's various sports teams.
Favorite Place in Ann Arbor: Three way tie:  1.) Washtenaw Dairy  2.) The Arb in the Fall  3.) Stadium Hardware (no lie, they literally have absolutely any random thing you need, it is crazy)
Why UM?  UM offers an incredibly diverse program with leaders in many of the various specialties.  I have had the opportunity to interact with several of the UM Physiatrists on a professional level  prior to returning to medical school, and this allowed me to see first hand the dedication, passion, and commitment to excellence that the staff at the UM possess.  In particular they serve a very broad pediatric population in addition to having a model Spinal Cord Unit, both of which will provide me with numerous learning opportunities in my particular areas of interest.


Class of 2020

Kimberly Casten, MD
Medical School: The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Ryan Hodges, MD
Medical School: Wayne State University

Harris Imam, MD
Medical School: University of Michigan

James Pastrnak, MD
Medical School: Indiana University

Reza Roohanirad, MD
Medical School: Creighton University

Joshua Startup, MD       
Medical School: Wayne State University


Class of 2021

Laura Bridges, DO
Medical School: Michigan State University 

Samantha Korycinski, MD
Medical School: Drexel University

Brendan McNeish, MD
Medical School: University of Michigan

Jordan Orr, MD
Medical School: Southern Illinois University

Joel Pieper, MD
Medical School: University of California San Diego

Stephan Pirnie, MD
Medical School: University of Connecticut

Resident Alumni

Class of 2016
Cody Andrews, MD- Cancer Rehab, Memorial Sloan Kettering, New York City
Hassen Berri, DO - Sports Medicine Fellowship, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Alecia Daunter, MD - Pediatric Rehabilitation Fellowship, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Cherie Netzloff, MD - Private Practice, General Rehabilitation and Reflexology
Matt Parker, MD - Wake Forest PM&R, Salem, North Carolina
Fernando Vargas, MD - Pediatric Rehabilitation Fellowship, Children's Mercy Hospitals & Clinics, Kansas City, Missouri

Alumni Testimonials

“I was looking for a distinguished academic center with exposure to a variety of complex pathologies in addition to great resources for resident education. University of Michigan has been a staple in healthcare in the Midwest and the department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is continuing to grow and improve. I wanted a training program that allowed residents to the gain experience needed to develop confidence in diagnosing and managing, even the most difficult clinical presentations.  The diversity of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is probably my favorite aspect of this area of medicine. Our resident physicians get a wide variety of exposure, and then are able to hone into their clinical/research areas of interest, and in-turn become leaders in the field of PM&R. “

-Hassen Berri, DO, Class of 2016




“Coming into residency, I wasn't sure what my interests were. I had a very rewarding experience working with oncology patients during my intern year, and was excited to find out that there was a growing cancer rehabilitation program at UMHS. I got involved with research here and absolutely loved it, so I decided to pursue it as my career.  U of M provided me with a well-rounded education, both in regards to outpatient/inpatient experiences and depth of clinical experiences across subspecialties. The faculty here have a wide range of interests and are all happy to help residents explore their interests.”

-Cody Andrews, MD, Class of 2016