Resident Assistant

Andre Gardette, our resident assistant, is a crucial part of every inpatient team.  The position itself is a hallmark of the innovative, resident-responsive PM&R residency program at the University of Michigan.  The resident assistant optimizes resident learning by taking responsibility for a huge number of administrative tasks that traditionally were assigned to residents.  Residents, therefore, spend more time on direct patient care and education.  Some of the resident assistant responsibilities include scheduling patients for follow-up appointments; obtaining and following lab results and medical records from referring institutions; calling pharmacies and sending in prescriptions; obtaining radiology studies and placing them into our computer system; ensuring families have appropriate discharge planning; coordinating specialty nursing escorts for our patients; and much more.

House Officer Association

“The Mission of the University of Michigan House Officers Association is to represent and advocate for its member physicians in obtaining the following:
1.     A professional workplace where neither patient care nor the well-being of the resident physicians are compromised through unsafe work conditions, hours, or environments; and​
2.     Fair compensation for the resident physicians, recognizing their collective and extensive education, the level of responsibility, and hours of providing care to their patients; and
3.     Respect and support for the ongoing continuing medical educational needs of the resident physicians; and
4.     Justice and due process in all interactions between resident physicians and the clinical departments, hospitals, attending physicians, or any others who seek to have an influence on our members; and
5.     Knowledge, skills and information that may be useful to our members either now as resident physicians or later as attendings, especially regarding our contract provisions and benefits, financial matters and planning, or any other personal or professional issues viewed as helpful to our member physicians, and
6.     Fellowship among its members.”

Educational Funds

At the start of residency, we are given Braddom or Delisa PM&R texts along with Preston and Shapiro EMG text.  PGY-4s also get the AAPM&R QBank.  Tammy (program coordinator) does a great job of working with us to get any other resources we need throughout our residency.

Home Call

University of Michigan participates in home call.  It is front-loaded and residents finish their call responsibilities by January of their PGY-3 year.  During the first 18 months of residency, residents take home call while on inpatient rotations on average one night during the week and two weekends a month.       


Per the House Officers Association contract
Independence Day
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Day after Thanksgiving
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day
New Year's Eve
New Year's Day
Memorial Day
Resident Birthday, because we are glad you were born!


4 weeks of vaction/year. 


PM&R House Officers are permitted to engage in extracurricular medical practice that is not part of their training program if they have a permanent medical license and if the total hours worked per week (residency commitments and moonlighting) does not exceed 80 hours per week.

Salary and Lump Sum Bonus

The total compensation package is composed of salary and benefits. The salary component includes a contract increase and a promotional increase. The benefits include the payment to encourage savings ("lump sum payment"), long-term disability insurance, life insurance, Holiday Pay, and health insurance.  The lump sum is added to the November pay stub.