To provide U-M PM&R residents with a foundation in clinical research methods and skills, with an initial experience in designing, implementing and completing a research project, to give graduate physicians the tools to be able to answer their clinical questions throughout their careers.

By the conclusion of their residency training, you will:

  • Complete a research literature review and develop an acceptable research question and research hypothesis.
  • Develop a research design and statistical analysis plan appropriate to the research hypothesis.
  • Implement and complete a data collection process that addresses the research hypothesis they have developed.
  • Analyze and interpret the data they have collected in relation to their research question and hypothesis.
  • Present the results of their research in a public research forum.

PM&R Department Research
James Ray Scientific Day
Theodore Cole Resident Research Day
A day for residents to present the research that they have been working on throughout the year.

Recent PMR Residents Publication (including abstracts) Completed during Residency
Current as of October 10th, 2016
1.  Hurvitz EA, Marciniak CM, Daunter AK, et al. Functional outcomes of childhood dorsal rhizotomy in adults and adolescents with cerebral palsy. J Neurosurg Pediatr. 2013;11(4):380-388.

2.  Peterson MD, Lukasik L, Muth T, et al. Recumbent cross-training is a feasible and safe mode of physical activity for significantly motor-impaired adults with cerebral palsy. Arch Phys Med Rehabil. 2013;94(2):401-407. PMC4265464

3.  Bakshi R, Berri H, Kalpakjian C, Smuck M. The Effects of Local Anesthesia Administration on Pain Experience During Interventional Spine Procedures: A Prospective Controlled Trial. Pain Med. 2015.

4.  Haapala H, Peterson MD, Daunter A, Hurvitz EA. Agreement Between Actual Height and Estimated Height Using Segmental Limb Lengths for Individuals with Cerebral Palsy. Am J Phys Med Rehabil. 2015;94(7):539-546. PMC4866590

5.  Bomalaski MN, Peterson M, Claflin E. Poster 228 Zolpidem for the Treatment of Neurologic Disorders: A Systematic Review. PM&R. 2016;8(9s):S234-s235.

6.  Castellanos J, Smith SR. Poster 279 Radial Neuropathy Exacerbated by Ligamentous Laxity in Pregnancy and by Chemotherapy: A Case Report. PM&R. 2016;8(9s):S251.

7.  Cheng R. Poster 25 Predicting Return to Medical Service Among Dysvascular Lower Extremity Amputees on an Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit. PM&R. 2016;8(9s):S168-s169.

8.  McConnell R, Zheng JY, Chadd EH, Kalpakjian C. Poster 79 Comprehension of Visual Displays of the Functional Independence Measure (FIM) in Patients with Spinal Cord Injury in Acute Rehabilitation. PM&R. 2016;8(9s):S187.