Contact Andrea Harris, 734-936-7059. She will fax you a checklist of information needed for the patient's admission (i.e., maps and housing information for families).

Patient information needed:

  • medical information
  • demographics
  • insurance information

The patient's information will be reviewed by a PM&R physician to determine inpatient/outpatient goals. The Business Office and Utilization Review will verify insurance and rehabilitation benefits for inpatient stay. The Inpatient Coordinator and Hospital Admitting staff will coordinate bed availability.

Case Managers Inpatient Admission Criteria

  • Patients must be medically and psychologically stable.
  • Patients must demonstrate significant functional impairments and achievable rehabilitation goals that are best served in an inpatient setting requiring the coordinated effort of a rehabilitation team.
  • Patient's condition requires specialized PM&R physician medical management.
  • Patient's diagnosis must indicate a reasonable expectation that they are able to participate in therapies, learn rehabilitation skills and utilize functional achievement on discharge.
  • The patient must be able to or will soon be able to participate in three hours of therapy per day.
  • There must be reasonable likelihood that appropriate disposition upon discharge can be arranged. Discharge locations include return to home with or without an outpatient rehabilitation program, community re-entry via residential setting, foster care setting, nursing home, transitional care setting or other hospital or rehabilitation facility.
  • The patient (or the family in the case of patients who are cognitively unable) should be willing to participate in inpatient rehabilitation treatment and the ability or potential to learn in the rehabilitation setting.