The M-ACAL is currently recruiting for the Health Self-Management Study and the Working Memory Task. Please see below for more information about these studies:
The Health Self-Management Study is recruiting adolescents and young adults with Cerebral Palsy and Spina Bifida Myelomeningocele

See the Health Self-Management Recruitment Flyer

More information on the Health Self-Management Study

The Working Memory Study is recruiting children with Cerebral Palsy for a computerized working memory task
See the Working Memory Recruitment Flyer

More information on the Working Memory Study

Cerebral Palsy Research Registry

The Cerebral Palsy Research Consortium of Michigan (CPRCoM) has developed a registry for adults and children with CP who are interested in being contacted when new studies are being run which they might be interested in participating in. Click the link for more information on the CP Registry and how to join.