The Fatigue Study

This purpose of this study is to see how pain and fatigue associated with osteoarthritis affect your everyday life and to see how these symptoms impact your physical activity and sleep.

This study involves two 2-hour visits to our lab in Ann Arbor with nearby & free parking. Also includes 5-days of wearing an activity monitor at home while keeping a daily log of your symptoms. HUM00019087/ VA 2008-020064

Fatigability Study

The purpose of this study is to see how older adults with arthritis experience fatigue during their daily activities. This study involves 3 separate visits to our clinic and 3 periods of monitoring your activity while at home.  All of these things occur over the span of about 1 month.

We will look at your fatigue in two different ways.  We will have you do a series of activities (like carrying groceries, computer tasks) in our clinic so we can measure your fatigue in a standard setting.  We will also have you wear an activity monitor at home so we can measure your fatigue while you are doing your own activities. HUM00029246

Manage Osteoarthritis Symptoms Today: Project Most

The purpose of this study is to test the effectiveness of a non-pharmaceutical intervention for older adults with osteoarthritis. For effective management of osteoarthritis (OA), interventions to help adults with leg OA cope with symptoms and increase physical activity are considered necessary. However, the best way to instruct people with OA about managing symptoms is not known. We are interested in testing the effectiveness of two occupational therapy interventions for people who have painful knee or hip OA. HUM00014789