Storing Your Data

You have data! Now, where do you put it? (Actually you should be thinking about this BEFORE you have any data.) As technology continues to evolve, keeping up with what you can store where and how isn’t easy to keep track of. To ensure that the type of data you have is parked in the right parking lot, check out the information on Sensitive Data Guide and IT Computing here. Don’t forget to check out policies associated with data management and other IT related issues.

Tools to Manage Your Data

Managing your data is critical for success. Those tools are also evolving; gone are the days of reams of paper, hundreds of copies of a spreadsheet, and even, yes, using Excel as a data entry tool. (Really.) REDCap is the preferred data management platform for most studies. REDCap can also be used for operational management – it’s a very flexible tool. REDCap stores data on secure UM servers and can be access from any browser, anywhere using Level 2 passwords. To learn more about REDCap, developed at Vanderbilt University, you can check out their website at For access, you will need to complete a brief, online training and fill out an account request form. MICHR currently oversees the deployment of REDCap; go here for a download of the request form and the elearning course you need. For projects with external collaborators, access can be provided so that everyone is working in the same database, in real time.  For external institutions that may not be familiar with REDCap and its security features, we have prepared a document that you can edit and share with external collaborators. Click here to download. [REDCap and Data Security Info for External Collaborators.docx]

Tools for Sharing Your Data Outside of UM

There is an initiative in Office of Compliance that is increasing oversight over the sharing of any data with outside collaborators; this means irrespective of if your data is de-identified or were not collected from the medical record! Before you do any sharing, ensure that proper documentation is in place. Check out [link here to the Regulatory page] for more information on data sharing. There are many ways to share data with collaborators outside UM – just make sure that whatever you are choosing is compatible with what you are sharing! An easy and secure way to share data is using the
UM MiShare service. Click here to learn more.

Center for Statistical Consulting and Research (CSCAR)

Need help with your analysis? Contact for an appointment to meet with a statistical consultant. It’s free to UM faculty and staff!

Online Surveys

UM provides access to Qualtrics which is an online survey platform at no charge.
Qualtrics Help Desk Info
To Log into Qualtrics
Qualtrics Training Page (non-UM) 
Wiki page for UM Qualtrics 
Note that REDCap has a survey feature as well with the advantage of automatically connecting to your database and subject record so there is no need to transfer data from another platform.

Resources for Extracting Data from Medical Record

Self-service tools to extract data from the medical record are continuously being developed and more options are becoming available. For more information on tools and to request access, go to the Office of Research to learn more.  

Software for Analysis

A number of statistical software packages are available through the Medical School Information System (MSIS) and MCIT. Click here for more information on what is available.