Proposal Submission

It's time to submit a proposal. Fill out the following form 8 weeks prior to the sponsor due date:
Proposal Submission Form

Send this form to Carol Bowen (, Sr. Research Process Manager. She will forward to Drs. Hurvitz and Tate for approval. Once approved, the form will be sent to the Researcher and the Grants Office staff person who will assist with the proposal. A meeting will be set up to discuss timeline.

Looking for Grant deadlines?

Budget Preparation:
Link to various budget preparation spreadsheets which your Research Administrator will use for your proposal
NIH spreadsheet calculating person-months

Billing Calendar and Price Tools for Healthcare Procedures

Get access to MBect in order to set up a billing calendar TK

Medical School Grants Office Website

Biosketch Creation

The current NIH biosketch can be created online! And you can assign proxies, such as your administrative support person, to help manage your biosketch.
To learn more about adding a delegate, go here
A tip - export your biosketch when done in Word and NOT PDF because you'll likely want to do some format editing.

Pre-Award Management

Pre-Award constitutes anything that facilitates a proposal’s creation and submission, prior to the award being received.  The following link contain resources, tools and guidance that is available to assist our research administrators and with their day-to-day activities.

Post-Award Management

When a proposal is awarded, the PM&R Researchers and Grants Office staff will be notified via eResearch with all Notice of Grant Award information. The PM&R Grants office staff will set up a meeting with Principal Investigator and assist with all post-award tasks, including but not limited to budget allocations, subproject/grant set up, subcontract set up, DBE effort changes, etc.

Medical School Post-Award Procedures Manual

On a monthly basis the grant support staff person will meet with the Principal Investigator to review budget, expenses, projections and effort changes. Principal Investigators can also go to MReports to real time budget and expenses.

Unfunded Agreements - Go to Regulatory for more information or click:

  • Effort change notification and processing
    • Staff
    • Faculty
  • Templates and Examples
    • Grants
    • Budgets and Justifications
    • Facilities and Resources
    • Patient Seen in PM&R clinics for grant apps
  • Intergovernmental agreements
  • Calculating person-months
  • Contracts and consultants
  • New project planning with current staff
  • Departmental research
    • Minimum department research time
    • Requesting effort on department research 
  • Foundations