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Location: Dept. of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
325 East Eisenhower, 2nd floor in the aerobics room
Price: TBA
Class is limited to 10 participants

Level 1 Class
This class is appropriate for those who use assistive devices for walking such as canes and walkers. In some cases we might suggest seeing a Physical Therapist prior to enrolling in the class if you’ve experienced a recent fall. The Transition Studio staff will be able to advise. 
Level 2 Class
This class is appropriate for those who do not use assistive devices for walking and can walk and stand without much difficulty.  The class will include the progression of level 1 exercises and will become more challenging each week.
 Each class will include components of the highly successful Otago Balance Program. Researchers found this program to be effective in reducing falls and the number of injuried resulting from falls by 35%!  What to expect in each class:
· Thera-Band and exercise handouts
· Weight transfer activities
· Directional and surface change exercises
· Activities challenging your vestibular, touch and visual senses
· Introduction to various dance moves as well!
Note: An initial assessment will be performed to evaluate each participants level of balance, agility and confidence.

Sara Randazzo, PTA
Sara has been an instructor of dance for over 37 years, an exercise and pilates professional for 15 years. She is also a Physical Therapist Assistant who enjoys helping her clients improve their balance and stability in a fun and nurturing environment. She will share her passion for movement and exercise with her unique approach to dynamic movement as it relates to everyday activities.
Phone: 734-232-1196